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Day 1: A bit of backstory.

For many, many years my ambition has been to write a book, the idea has always been there, simmering away on my back burner. But like a lot of wannabe writers, I never had the time…or so I told myself.  Life,with all its trials and tribulations, got in the way. Then I hit forty and knew if I didn’t do something about it – and soon – it was never going to happen. So, I rearranged my priorities, put writing at the very top of my list, and got down to it. For the first three years I concentrated on mastering the skills: grammar, sentence structure, developing plots, and all the rest of it, in between writing short story after short story. Eighteen months ago I began the research for my first full-length novel. A horror /fantasy. I am now about halfway through my second draft…it is from here that I hope you will join me on my quest to get published. I would love any other aspiring writers to join me on my travels, to share with me their writing ups and downs. I am going to endeavour each day to update my blog and record my progress.


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