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Day 2: Just another manic Sunday!

Today is Sunday. Usually this is my favourite day of the week; the day I can just be a slob (no change there then!). Usually, I stay in bed ’til gone ten – not sleeping – but being a productive lazybones. My hubby Paul gets up about 8.30am. He is deputy second coxswain on the local RNLI lifeboat, and Sunday is their training day. So before he leaves the house at 9.00am, he brings me up a cup of coffee and toast. Then I spend the next hour or so, complete with laptop, doing my daily dose of writing from the comfort of my cat infested, crumb-ridden bed, more often than not with my fourteen year old daughter, Katy, sprawled out beside me on the duvet. But today didn’t conform to the norm! First and foremost, My daughter slept over her friend’s house last night, so she was conspicuous by her absence. Secondly,  my laptop is kaput at the moment. I have been waiting two weeks for it to be fixed…but to no avail, and I am completely lost without it. (How on earth did the likes of Shakespeare and Dickens get on with no technology!!). Anyway, I lay in bed, tossing and turning, for about fifteen minutes, my characters giving me grief…until I gave in and got up, dragged on my old blue dressing gown, and flushed up the computer. I must add that my computer is in the most awkward place possible: in the small space under the stairway that leads up to  Katy’s loft bedroom. Everytime I move I bump my head on the stairs, and every time  Katy wants to go up or down to her room, I have to get out of my chair to let her pass…which is annoying to say the least…even more so when you have a stroppy teenager breathing down your neck saying; ‘But I want to get passed now, mum!’ Never mind that I’m at an important bit of my book, inspiration flowing!  So, there I was today: bed hair, baggy dressing gown, tapping away, and shivering because the heating hadn’t kicked in yet. Cats mewing round me to be fed. Dog wimpering to go out for a wee.

I bet Stephen King doesn’t have this trouble!!

Still, I did manage to do my wordcount for the day.

‘Drama is like real life with the best bits cut out.’ Alfred Hitchcock


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  1. Debi – fantastic new blog! I’m loving it – it’s going on to my ‘must be read before starting work’ list and there aren’t many that make it on to that list, I can tell you! So impressed that you’ve set yourself such a concrete deadline – wishing you all the luck and inspiration in the world – if I can do it, you can!

    Comment by Alis | November 26, 2007

  2. Thanks for your comment Alis…now I MUST make sure I post something every day!

    Comment by debisands | November 27, 2007

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