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Day 5: Wednesday is Blog Day!

Wednesday is my day off from writing. Each Wednesday I update my blog: Aspirations from the Darkside (see list of links), so technically, although I’m not actually writing my novel, I am still writing. When I say ‘day’ off, that’s not strictly true either! Read that as ‘evening’ off. Although I would simply love to beable to write all day, each and every day, at the moment, alas, that is just a dream. I have to work to earn a living. But don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I am Books Development Manager (posh way of saying Library Lady) at a Primary School. My role within the school, apart from being in complete charge of the library, is to bring the love of books back into the hearts of the children. So many children these days sit infront of a screen of some kind for their entertainment. I am introducing books back into their lives. I take groups of children out of the classroom and read to them and do fun activities linked up with what we are reading. This week we’ve been making Secret Seven (Enid Blyton) badges, much to the delight of the kids. So, it all boils down to the fact, that I end up – after cooking dinner and all the hundred and one other things I have to do – with two hours between eight and ten at night to do my writing. Oh, and this week Katy (who is taking GCSE performing arts) is performing in a school production every evening…so I’m running her there and back again each night….

Sometimes I wish the world would stop turning for a few minutes so I could step off and get my breath back!

‘A library is thought in cold storage.’ Lord Samuel.


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