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Day 13: Home Alone!

They say writing is a lonely business – after spending many long hours at my computer, tapping away upstairs, while the rest of the family are enjoying themselves downstairs (or so it seems from my little world on the landing)  – I fully agree with that statement. But? Would we writers have it any other way? Would we really be able to focus, concentrate, if we were surrounded by the noise and bustle of everyday life. And, selfish though it may be, aren’t we happiest in our own company? Surrounded by the landscapes and people of our own making? I know I am. In fact, sometimes I just disappear upstairs under the pretense of writing, when really I just need some space to myself – although invariably I do end up tinkering with my novel – am I alone in this? Anyhow, this evening I legally had time to myself. Katy persuaded hubby to take her christmas shopping – for my pressies! – at Bluewater. I had four blissful hours Home Alone…and didn’t waste a minute of it. ‘I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.’  Henry David Thoreau


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