Aspirations from a Working Mum

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Day 14 & 15: Unproductively busy.

Friday: Most people like Fridays, they class it as the beginning of the weekend, which I suppose it is. But I dislike Fridays. First and foremost: the kids at school are usually on a bit of a high; looking forward to having two days away from the classroom. To get them to settle to anything productive is a no-no. Secondly: my Fridays and Fri-eves, are spent doing the most mundane of things: filling the car with petrol; food shopping; putting the shopping away (this has been known to take me almost 40 minutes!). So, as a result, I hardly ever do any writing on a Friday – guaranteed to make me growly!

Saturday: I had a good excuse to have a writing free day today. I went to the O2 Dome in Greenwich with my cousin’s wife, Sarah. We went to see Marc Almond in concert (Remember him? Lead singer from Soft Cell?). It was excellent. He was a real showman. Got in – shattered- at 1.00am Sunday morning.


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