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Day 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24!!

Sometimes I wish that the world would stop turning and I could step off for a few moments and catch my breath. The last few days have gone hurtling by so fast I half expected to meet myself coming back in the opposite direction! My mind is in such a whirl of Christmasy things that I can’t settle to my writing. I really want to write, to de-stress for an hour or so, but every time I sit at the computer my brain is full of the presents I still have to buy, the cards I have to write, the people I have to visit, the food I have to prepare, that I just can’t think straight at all. Then when I go to bed my brain is clogged up with the goings on in the village of Parish: my fantasy world. My people pester me all night, preventing me from getting a good night’s sleep, so when I wake up I feel unfreshed and jaded. And that’s the problem with being a writer. In most other jobs, once you are away from the workplace, you can forget about the grind for a few hours. Not so a writer. A writer’s brain can never fully switch off, no matter how much we may tell ourselves to have some relaxation time, it never really happens. I do think though that I am going to have to put my writing on the back burner until Santa has been and gone. I need to spend some time just chilling, and, like Peter Pan, thinking happy thoughts!


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