Aspirations from a Working Mum

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Day 27

I have come to the conclusion that I am not very good at keeping a day by day account of my writing activities – I’ve never had much success keeping a diary either – so… I am still  keeping this blog up and running, but only updating it two or three times a week; when something actually happens in my life (like a bit of writing perhaps!). I have a fairly addictive nature I think, I am finding I ‘m spending more and more time blogging than actually writing! I have so many interesting blogs I love to visit and comment on, that I am going to have to set myself a specific time to blog, guiltfree. I’m not sure if this is sad or not? On the plus side: it is getting me writing every day and flexing those creative muscles; I am ‘meeting’ some interesting people from other parts of the world, and I have made a couple of published writer friends that I will always stay in contact with; I am finding it a real ego-booster too with the comments I’m getting on my writing….but….it is such an eater of my precious amounts of time! I have balanced that out today though, I have spent two hours concentrating on my novel. Today I feel like a ‘real’ writer…not just a wannabe!


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