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Day 39

Yet again my laptop is Kaput. Ker-nackered. Now, this shouldn’t really pose too much of a problem – after all I store all my work on a magic stick (you probably know it better as a memory stick, but to me my stick is nothing short of magic!) and I have a computer which I can just as easier work on, and of course there’s always the faithful ole pen and paper – but it is; a problem. Everyone has a medium they are happiest working in, and for me it is my laptop. Somehow my writing never flows quite so fluently when I’m sitting at the computer. I think I am waiting to be interrupted all the time ( see post for Day 2 ), so I can never settle fully into my fantasy world. Pen and paper simply does not do it for me: there’s no delete button for a start so I spend most of my time rewriting what I’ve  just written. But my laptop is portable. I can take it where I please. If I feel like I need a bit of company while I write (which I must admit isn’t often), then I can sit myself somewhere comfy in the lounge and tap away while hubby and daughter watch TV. Or if I want to feel like I still belong to the real world but do not want that world to actually interfere with my world, I sit at the kitchen table; that way I can still hear the murmur of everyday living, but I am detached from it. Or, and this is more the norm, I can take myself to the bedroom (sometimes actually into bed!), and close myself away from all distractions and write to my heart’s delight. So, what do I do? Do I pay out for another laptop?…spending money I can’t really afford when I do have a fully functioning computer? Mmm…decisions, decisions.

Anyway, on a more positive note, my word count is on target…surprisingly!

Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.    Steve Wozniak.


January 17, 2008 - Posted by | On Track |


  1. buy a new laptop if you can possibly afford it! I’m with you in feeling that laptops and desktops are not the same kind of animal at all. I couldn’t possibly go back to writing on our big computer – the keys are too clunky for one thing!
    By the way, you can get good 2nd hand laptops on ebay so it needn’t be horribly expensive…

    Comment by Alis | January 17, 2008

  2. I think you’re right…I’ll check out ebay.

    Comment by debisands | January 18, 2008

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