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Day 44

I have done little writing in the last few days because my mind has been preoccupied with other things. I have just completed a two day training course by Read Write Inc. –  for anyone who doesn’t know – this is the company formed by ex-headteacher Ruth Miskin, aimed at getting children to read using her synthetic phonics method.

My. Word. What an eye opener. It’s a miracle anybody learns to read with our beast of an english language. But my goodness, how it has fired me up to teach the struggling children in our school. I can hardly wait to see if the scheme produces the results it claims possible. In the world today there are so many children that fall through the net, children who are still struggling with the most simplest of words, children who will never catch up with their peers unless something is done – and it really does break my heart.

If I can help even a handful of these children I will consider it a job well done.

People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading.    Logan Pearsall Smith


January 22, 2008 - Posted by | Hectic days |

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  1. I feel the same. There are so many kids at your school who i know need help, it’s great to know you’re being so proactive. All the very best of luck with the synthetic phonics, Debi!
    And, yes, how does anybody learn to read and write English? The human brain – an amazing thing!

    Comment by Alis | January 23, 2008

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